The House of Perna COVID-19 Update

We have missed seeing you in the studio, so we figured it’s a good time for a company update!

Between March and now, The House of Perna team has made a huge push to continue to keep you and your families safe during this time. As the need for protective masks increased, our founder Amanda Perna was determined to help as many people as possible and switched our team from sewing clothing to sewing masks.

So far, The House of Perna has sewn over thousands of masks and donated over $100,000 worth to those in need. With the help of mask purchases, we have been able to provide masks to medical professionals, front line worker and other people in need with our buy one, donate one initiative. Not only have we provided masks to many people in need, but we also won the best of 2020 from Goodhousekeeping Magazine.

In addition to creating masks we’ve also been creating DIY videos on How To Make Your Own Masks with Good Housekeeping that have helped keep millions of people safe. So you can make them yourself at home if you are feeling extra crafty.

How to Make a No-Sew Face Mask 

How to Sew Face Masks at Home

Here's Where You Can Buy Face Masks Online

How To Make a DIY Face Mask for Kids 

Our founder, Amanda Perna, also was invited by Lucy Liu to be a guest on her podcast to talk about building a brand and starting your own business. The Lucy Liu Show: Quit Dream Job To Build Dream Business With Amanda Perna.  

For those of you that are excited to create a more avant-garde mask, Amanda partnered with Pinterest as part of their Make a Statement Mask Campaign: DIY Couture Statement Face Masks.

Sticking together to help fight this virus and helping those in need like front line workers and hospitals have become quite important to us.That's why when The House of Perna started creating protective face masks we were thrilled to receive donations from The Company Store who donated cotton sheets to be made into masks! The Palm Beaches also highlighted us for donating fabric to create masks and creating masks for first responders. 

Town and Country Magazine


Staying protected while going about your everyday life is of utmost importance but who says you can't rock a fun print while doing so? Our masks are made out of our own playful prints and are sold online. They are not only eye catching and colorful but they are also breathable and protective.

As a small business we were truly grateful to have ELLEWomen’s Health Magazine, and Yahoo highlight our company as one of the go-to alternatives to buy from when people are in need of masks!

I think it's safe to say that we've all been getting more connected with our creative sides during quarantine whether it be baking our own bread or creating DIY masks at home. With all that extra time, crafting has become popular with the mainstream and that's why we were so excited to share out own at home DIY craft with Women’s Day Magazine where we showed them how to make DIY Tassel Earrings!



We were also so happy to be featured in The Palm Beaches Conscious Fashion Video for their local art crawl! The local artist community in Delray is so tight knit and we are so proud to be apart of it!

Initially, Amanda had the goal to create and donate 100 masks so she started making them at home. But when the need for masks rose along with the unemployment rates, Amanda knew she had to switch gears. As highlighted in Palm Beach Illustrated, Amanda was able to "keep [her] team working and provide jobs for 12 other seamstresses who were furloughed or laid off because fashion virtually shut down due to the pandemic.”  

In other news, our exhibit at the Cornell Art museum, “Art Couture: The Intersection of Art of Fashion, was highlighted in the  Palm Beach Post our playful and poofy muses sat high up in swings while others posed fiercely for guests during Delray Beach Fashion Week.


And for the fashionistas who are still dying to be their oh-so-extra self while in quarantine, have no fear. Our colorful, avant-garde masks were created just for you to have fun at home! But remember, these are just for decoration, not for protection. 

Sun Sentinel 

The House of Perna was also grateful to be featured in Venice Magazine for making DIY face masks!  

We are so happy to be able to help people with our face masks on this type of scale and we look forward to continuing to help you all as much as we can. Be sure to follow us @thehouseofperna @neonbohemians and @theamandaperna to stay updated on what we're doing! Have a safe and wonderful day.

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